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Video game images to bring you a moment of recharge to get your through a busy and stressful day.

Printer problems... so true.

Printing Fact YES and YES. I literally print things out at school cuz my printer hates me ;

I don't really like the idea of eating animals, but the last bit is why I had to pin

laughed too hard <-- and the Fall Out Boy reference makes it even more perfect!

We've rounded up some geeky yearbook photos that may actually be more memorable than the photos themselves. i like the plankton quote the most

true dat

true dat

"It was my evil twin."  I just died.  Though I doubt he'd feel "heartfelt" about anything.

The Bureau of Communication - Official Notice Formal Apology fill-in--the-blanks

Time Spent in Shower

Turninr in a circle to maintain even hot water distribution

pretty much how I feel about most of my friends

Note from the land of Odd:

Replies on tech support forums.

Replies on tech support forums.

Quotes of the Day

Fun - Be strong (I whispered to my Wi-Fi signal)

BAHAHAHAH THIS IS MY LIIIIIFE!!!!!! Im proud to say it only took me a couple seconds but i'm not proud to admit how sad i was when i wouldnt get to find out what shows they were considering to talk about.....

If the world was a classroom

This pin is so accurate it scares me. I thought they meant tv show too. not like earth season.

Queers, Comics, and Cats! Get the first book of ChaosLife printed with over 200+ full-color pages!

Forget the League of Shadows, Batman has joined the League of Eye Shadow, and found it fabulous! From the fertile mind of Anna Stiffler of Chaos Life, here's something you don't know about the Dark Knight: Link - via Pleated Jeans.

"Canada that is totally a planet shut the fuck up"

"Canada that is totally a planet shut the fuck up"

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom @Amanda Duke

Creative Writing Assignment: perfect example of men vs women-too funny!

That is customer service at its finest…

So I booked a hotel room online. This must be a hotel!


Considering that Iron Man and Batman's only real superpower is being super rich and smart, Bill Gates turned out to be a real disappointment.