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Watch out for the...  - Imgur

Watch out for the...

gifsboom: “Dog gets blindsided by epic slip ‘n slide tube. [video] (by Rumble Viral) ”

Happy llama - Google Search

Funny pictures about Just A Happy Jumping Llama. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Happy Jumping Llama. Also, Just A Happy Jumping Llama photos.

Stop right ther… OMG THIS GIF  I am DYING  Click. CLICK IIIIIT! CLICK CLICK CLICK! What I love is the other officer cracking up on the other side of the car, and the confusion of Cop 1

Stop right ther…

"Stop right there" the police officer tells the man on the motorcycle." The man on the motorcycle replies while giving the police officer a high five. lol love this! I love his partners laugh too!

Things that don’t make any sense…

Things that don’t make any sense…

I especially don't like the dentist one. Sometimes my teeth cleaning takes 2 times the time it should because she stops to hear my answer, and then I have to talk with a bunch of paste stuff in my mouth.

Erotismo y fetiches — lferrarezi: Ideia genial!

There are very hilarious prank videos that not only brings smile on your face but will make you laugh loud. People do various stupid and naughty pranks for fun.

This girls got skills

"Those who say the Black Widow’s fighting style is just movie bullshit can see the above. ^ Shit is terrifyingly real." (gif) (Not a video game related pin, but there is only one board of mine this could ever belong on- Fight Like a Girl!