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Ancient Civilization STEM Challenges and activities! includes Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Israel, India, Greece, and Rome!

Ancient Civilizations STEM Challenges

Cross-curricular challenges for students who are studying Ancient Civilizations! This resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Bundle

plan a trip to Egypt

Want to go to Egypt but don't know where to start? Here are itnieraries and tips to plan your trip to Egypt! From the pyramids of Cairo to the Read Sea

Shortcut Destination Guide to Egypt. Your source for when to go, what to do, what to eat and drink in Egypt. #Egypt #TravelGuide

Egypt Travel Guide

Your one-stop, shortcut destination guide to Egypt. Learn about traveling to Egypt — when to go, where to go and what to see, eat and drink along the way.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

A trip to Sharm el-Sheikh has all the ingredients for a perfect break: turquoise sea, rose-gold sunsets, and a beautiful marine life.

Necklace from 14 gold discs, 14 frames and a sardonyx cameo - 5th century AD.Location: Assiut (Upper Egypt) (Egypt). © Foto: Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

(Egypt) Gokd Necklace from 14 Gold discs, 14 frames and a sardonyx cameo. ca century CE.

Egyptian Pyramids Architecture

Egyptian Pyramids Architecture

The most famous example of advanced technology in ancient times, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The great pyramid is considered the most accurate measured building in the world.

11 Reasons You Should Travel to Egypt Click the pin to read the blog post!  www.flirtingwiththeglobe.com #Egypt #Africa

11 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Egypt

Hatchepsut's obelisk, Temple Of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt

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Always wanted to visit Egypt? Here are 6 must-visit temples for your next trip to Egypt, including world famous ones such as Abu Simbel and Karnak. BONUS: a video of all 6 temples!

6 must-visit temples in Egypt

Make Your Plans For Trips With These Tips - Heartvoyages - Enjoy Traveling, Lean how to travel cheap

The seven most awe-inspiring sights in Egypt, from the Pyramids to the Nile River and beyond.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

The seven most awe-inspiring sights in Egypt, from the Pyramids to the Nile River and beyond.