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Talented Nigerian

Pirates were known for fighting a lot, this would make a pirate a good candidate to be involved within my FMP as it brings together several characters from several genres to fight.

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Cleary - Pryley

Cleary - Pryley

I know myself... Try as I may to be rational, there's an instinct towards the extreme that always gets the better of me. // Я знаю себя... Хотя я пытаюсь быть разумным, стремление дойти до крайности всегда берет верх. (Ned Low) (S02E03)

Black Tadhg Murphy as "Ned Low" The man who "angered Charles Vane" and lost a fight, his crew, ship, and his head to Captain Charles Vane.

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Bartholomew Roberts ("Black Bart") raided ships off the Americas and West Africa between 1719 and He was the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, as measured by vessels captured, taking over 470 prizes in his career.