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I am Wiccan

I am the Goddess and the God. I am the Feminine and the Masculine. I am the stars above and the earth below. I am the storm and the calm. I am the light and the dark. I am truth. I am love. I am powerful. I am wiccan.


A warm and hearty welcome from thefriendlywitch and Magpie - purveyors of witchy information, advice, spells, explanations and various other interesting wares of a roundly Pagan description.

Death & Gravestone Symbolism

Death & Gravestone Symbolism from LifeInsuranceFinder.au takes an in-depth look at the most common signs and symbols used on gravestones around the world.

witchcraft kitteh

Witchy Witch Lol, so cute & so funny grin emoticon ~Domi~ )O( Witchy Witch )O(

whatdo you mean dont use white sage? thats like all you ever see!

This a great one for beginners - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy < beginner witch aesthetic

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66d38579773e755b6c7d1763e96f7f14.jpg 309×480 pixels