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Are you the person that smiles at everyone during the day? Smile at everyone that crosses your path today, don't be discourage if you don't get one back. One smile can change a person's day so spread the smiles.


Today I want you all to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. It may be a little chilly out so bundle up and do yardwork or plant some flowers that you have been wanting to do for a while. Enjoy your day outside.

Yep! Covering it up as only wanting one bite. Yeah one bite at a time my lunch gets eaten lol Jess

Friends buy you a lunch. Best Friends eat your lunch. with you, of course! But I do eat Lori bagel Bites every time I go there.


Looking for women that are driven, motivated, and enthusiastic about becoming healthier and fit. Just give yourself 30 minutes a day and you can change your life and live the way you want.