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John Lopez Studio

John Lopez, artist, welds old farming equipment together to create incredible animal sculptures.

This Cowboy Made Amazing Sculptures Out of Old Farm Tools. They Will Blow Your Mind.

South Dakota artist John Lopez has no limit to his imagination. Check out the amazing sculptures he's made.


John Lopez Studio Sculpture # Dinosaur # T-rex # Steampunk # Metal Work # Metal Art

Tourists pose by a John Lopez sculpture

Giddy up: John Lopez's Wild West welded animal sculptures – in pictures

Sculptor John Lopez welds one-of-a-kind monumental sculptures, re-purposing scrap iron and found objects.

John Lopez Studio: Lopez Studio Installations

Incredible Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Life-Size Sculptures - Top Buzz Site

John Lopez Studio

Concept Modeling For Metallic Sculpture : – Picture : – Description John Lopez Studio: Black Hawk photo shoot.

Genius Artist Welds Old Farming Equipment Together To Create Incredible Animal Sculptures

Genius+Artist+Welds+Old+Farming+Equipment+Together+To+Create+Incredible+Animal+Sculptures - phenomenal

Incredible Pegasus Sculpture - It's a wonderful sculpture, cunningly made.  But I can't help but see the anatomical problems with tiny wings that would never lift the horse.  I imagine this Pegasus flapping his ineffectual wings furiously, and looking remarkably like a chicken trying to get off the ground.  Seems somewhat anticlimatic.

Incredible Pegasus Sculpture

Steampunk Pegasus - Scrap Metal Sculptures by Hasan Novrozi - Iranian artist Hasan Novrozi welded these incredible sculptures from various pieces of scrap metal.


South Dakotan sculptor John Lopez creates life-sized scrap metal sculptures with a uniquely Western American twist. In his hands, old discarded farm equipment

Emergence: amazing two piece installation made from reclaimed plastic utensils. - Imgur

Emergence: amazing two piece installation made from reclaimed plastic utensils.

Sayaka Kajita Ganz is an artist that creates amazing unique sculptures made from a different plastic pieces like spoons, forks, toys and similar. She creates sculptures of different animals from a thousands of plastic pieces.

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We found an Amazing Metal Animal Sculptures by John Lopez. Sculptor John Lopez was born and raised on a ranch in Western South Dakota.

John Lopez Metal Sculptures | Recyclart

John Lopez Metal Sculptures

John Lopez Metal Sculptures in art metals with Sculpture Recycled Art Recycled Metal Animals Horse

モノの大切さを感じるよ。スクラップでできた動物たちの瞳をみつめて | roomie(ルーミー)


Bronze sculptor John Lopez builds large and powerful beasts completely out of metal. From buffalo to cowboys on horseback, Lopez welds layer by layer of ir