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Sums up pissy pants to a T

Some people think they are champagne in a tall glass, when actual fact they're luke warm piss in a plastic cup

You want the person who's strategically and temperamental poised to push Putin back?? That's easy. #Hillary

yep, smiling on the E outside, but you'd better watch that silent N . it'll get you every time ~ 36 Funny Quotes And Sayings

That's pretty much it.

I don't even have a sense of humor anymore,its literally just sarcasm and a general hate for the majority of the human population,meme - Memepile - dezdemon-humoraddiction.

As the first phase of bringing closure to these blog posts on literacy at the secondary level, I want to offer a tentative list of recommendations that I believe follow from all the research cited ...

On literacy and strategy, part 6: my first cut at recommendations

Just Looking

~ Forget dancing like no one is watching. Dance like a toddler. They don't even care if there's music. Share your funny stories in the comments below!


Its called Karma and it's pronounced haha fuck you. life quotes quotes life karma life lessons fuck you words to live by