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I swear I've seen this girl to many times, what anime is she from??? someone help me out here! -Milkev Gaming

This reminds me of me and my oldest guy cousin he is like let me think around 15 years older than me but I the diffrent makes us better and closer I think I'm the closest out of all my 5 siblings with him and the hight diffrent is so similar

I don't know the artist, but this is pretty neat ~S.B.

guide ( she needs a name but I'm kinda attached to just calling her spacegirl idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Уроки рисования

me and some nerds are making a kpop girl group  and this is the maknae tbh  i promise i'll draw something other than headshots one day-

Siempre juntas

We are all growing up - japanese schoolgirls in two different uniforms - female clothing Study - Drawing Reference