Logan Lerman 22 years old as of 2014. Birthday is January 19,1992. So three more years and I'm legally able to date an adult so Logan....come at me bro. Me: *wakes up from day dream*. Well that's never gonna happen. *cries

He is most adorable cutest thing:).and I finally watched The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.thank you soo much its honestly one of the best movies I've watched.I'm going to rave about it in ballet haha

Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman, seriously the love of my life.

Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is DA MAN!HD Wallpaper and background photos of Logan Lerman is DA MAN! for fans of Logan Lerman images.

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22 Reasons Logan Lerman Is The Greatest Without Even Trying To Be

I think I found my new favorite picture of him.

oh my goshh

The reason I watch Percy Jackson

Logan Lerman as Crimson Czhartrues "Crim" Mendez. The cutie and brainy main character of the story :)

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Logan Lerman, your eyes are so beautiful, that innocent look goes well with a side of Poseidon power. Its as if the winds blow me in your direction like a wave in a body of water.