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Interactive white board vol.5     24.95

Interactive Now: Volume 5

Interactive Now: Volume 5 ( Smartboard & Interactive White Board Lessons

Interactive Now Vol 6

Buy Interactive Now Vol 6 Sheet Music. For Act Kit Teach Ed Sheet Music. Published by Heritage Music Press.

Mix & Match Music

Teach composition and sight reading (recorders or singing) with this resource that lets you mix up two bar phrases from familiar songs to make new melodies.

Music Lesson Idea for Grades one to three | Resources for Music Education

Whiteboard Music lessons by the Fun Music Company. Complete music instruction course suited to general classroom teachers who want to teach music in their classroom.

Interactive Now Vol 4 (Smartboard)

Buy Interactive Now Vol 4 (Smartboard) Sheet Music. For Teaching Aid Sheet Music.

Killer Interactive Whiteboard Music Resources (Made By Teachers).  GREAT list of resources!!!!

Killer Interactive Whiteboard Music Resources (Made By Teachers)

Freddie The Frog® And The Thump In The Night - Digital Storybook by Sharon Burch - Digital Storybook With Interactive Lessons

Freddie is now on the big screen! Play games with Freddie and his friends as you learn the lines and spaces on the treble clef!

Speech can teach us so much about music! Rhythm, movement, instruments? All of the above. Great Orff lesson plans and a CD ROM full of visuals!

The Simply Series of music resources for the Orff music classroom by Sue Mueller contains Orff process lesson plans, songs, games, dances, and speech pieces for elementary students

Interactive Now Vol 10

Buy Interactive Now Vol 10 Sheet Music. For Teaching Aid Sheet Music.

INTERACTIVE NOW VOL 1 SmartBoard Edition Vol. 1. Grand staff, stick notation, steady beat& beginning rhythm notation, rhythm flashcards, melody flashcards (sol, mi, la), ear training games, rhythm pizzas, La Raspa (learn about Mariachi & rondo form), & more.

Interactive Now Volume 1 Smartboard Edition ( Smartboard & Interactive White Board Lessons

Interactive NOW - RECHARGED by Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas - The Interactive Now series has taken music classrooms by storm! However, some folks are looking for lessons from the early volumes that can be used without proprietary software. So, here are some of the best units from the first two volumes of Interactive Now, recharged with fresh animation, updated content, and Adobe® Flash® programming to make them more accessible for your classroom. (Grades K-5)

Interactive Now: Recharged by Debbie Anderson & Phyllis Thomas.Favorite lessons from Vol 1 and updated with new graphics and content, are now usable on any IWB or computer. Enjoy 10 interactive lessons with activities and quizzes.