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Riot with love!

Riot with love!

he does it to whoever's looking

" She smiled, pulled up her hood and turned around, "Hey fuck nuggets, I'm over here!" I ducked down behind the car as Tara sprinted down the street.

Rio de Janeiro riot Photography by Kenneth Nguyen Instagram @ Kennethnguyen

/// The chaos ensued but Ash was in love with the sight of the destruction as his fire blazed through the city

When the group robs a wealthy man ~ so everyone know what there doing? You mean…

Anti-surveillance activists turn smashing CCTV cameras into a competitive game - CAMOVER

thats my politics. i believe that people could be good enough to live without authority. maybe one day we will.

Captain One-More-Time. - graffquotes: Stop believing in Authority, Start.

Fiery riots in Greece go into the night - PhotoBlog

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