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A well designed and thorough estate plan can accomplish a wide range of inter-related estate planning goals and objectives. Of course, to accomplish all of those goals a plan typically must incorporate a number of different estate planning strategies and tools. One of the most common of those tools is a trust. Although trusts have evolved to the point where there is a specialized trust for almost any estate planning objective, all trusts share a

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Perhaps the most common mistake in estate planning isn’t apparent by looking at the will or trust document itself. The most common mistake is a failure to coordinate the primary vehicle with the rest of the plan. Read this blog to learn more about this common mistake. The post Basics of Estate Planning: Lack of Coordination appeared first on German Law Group.

There’s a Republican blueprint for tax reform. Learn the general provisions of the plan and the uncertainties in it. The post Tax Reform and the Estate Tax appeared first on German Law Group.

As you get older, or if you get sick, creating a will is not necessarily going to provide all of the protections that you need. The post 3 Reasons Why Creating a Will Isn t Enough (Audio) appeared first on SinclairProsser Law.

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Probate may be avoidable if one chooses to work with an estate planning lawyer to structure ownership of assets and facilitate the transfer of those assets outside of probate. The post How the Maryland Probate Process Can Affect Your Family appeared first on SinclairProsser Law.

Probate is the legal process of estate administration. A probate attorney can help your executor take all the right steps during this process.

Six Documents Everyone Should Have to Protect Their Finances: Beneficiary Forms; TOD/POD Instruction; Living Will; Power of Attorney; Last Will and Testament; Trust Documents.

Six Documents Everyone Should Have to Protect Their Finances

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If you are new to estate planning, you probably have a number of questions about what should be included in your estate plan and how the process of creating an estate plan is typically handled. Estate planning is a highly individualized process because of the personal, even sensitive, nature of the issues involved in creating an estate plan. When done properly, an estate plan should reflect your unique estate planning goals and objective as well

The Affton estate planning lawyers at Amen, Gantner & Capriano, Your Estate Matters, LLC ask “Have you updated your estate plan?

The Florida Probate Process from Robert Kulas In a testate estate the person named as "Executor" in the Will oversees the probate of the estate. In an intestate estate someone must be appointed the "Personal Representative" of the estate. Usually, a spouse or family member will volunteer. Learn more about the Florida probate process in this presentation. The post The Florida Probate Process appeared first on Robert J. Kulas.

The Florida Probate Process from Robert Kulas In a testate estate the person named as “Executor” in the Will oversees the probate of the estate.

An executor has a legal duty to respect the wishes of the deceased and to follow Ohio law. An executor is a fiduciary, which means that the duty he owes is the highest under the law. Executors must put the interest of the estate and beneficiaries over their own interests and must avoid any activities which could be considered a conflict of interest. If an executor fails in this duty, there are serious consequences.

A Cincinnati probate attorney should be contacted if an executor does not do what he is supposed to. A Cincinnati probate attorney explains legal remedies.

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According to surveys, the majority of American adults are going through life without properly executed estate plans. Many people don t even know exactly what estate planning is, or why it is important. Everyone is going to pass away someday. This may not be the most pleasant subject to contemplate, but it is simply a fact of life. You must prepare for this inevitability in advance, and it requires the execution of certain legally binding document

People sometimes procrastinate when it comes to estate planning because of a lack of information.

Unlike a Will, which has to be filed with the court at the start of the probate process, a Revocable Living Trust generally does not have to be filed or recorded anywhere.

One of the benefits of having a Revocable Living Trust is the privacy it affords you when it comes to your estate plan. Not only does your Trust allow you

For some people, generosity is a way of life. If you are one of those people, you likely have several charities or causes that are dear to your heart. Throughout the course of your lifetime, you might make repeated gifts to these charities and/or causes. If your charitable gifting is sizeable or frequent, the recipients [ ] The post How to Incorporate Charitable Giving into Your Estate Plan appeared first on Fouts Law Group.

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There are different types of asset transfer vehicles that you can use when you are planning your estate. You can choose to use a simple will to state your final wishes, but you do have other options. Why would you want to consider an alternative to a simple will? Let s begin by answering this question. The Drawbacks of Probate Let s say that you maintain personal possession of your property throughout your life. You create a last will expressing

You can choose to use a simple will to state your final wishes, but you do have other options.

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Choosing a Trustee or other fiduciary is one of the most important decisions. Here is a list of various fiduciaries and why the selection is so important. The post Basics of Estate Planning: Advising Clients on Selecting Fiduciaries appeared first on Kulas Law Group.

This examines the basics of asset protection. It includes some specific strategies to reduce asset protection risk. The post Basics of Estate Planning: Asset Protection appeared first on DeBruyckere Law Offices, PC