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This male fan-throated lizard is displaying his colorful dewlap, likely to show off to other males or to attract a female.


Leopard on the tree by Tambako the Jaguar - I liked the way this young leopard was lying on the branch in his enclosure. It seems to be uncomfortable for a human, but it's not at all for a leopard (they do it a lot in the wild).

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A golden eagle chases a fox away from its food (© Stefan Huwiler/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Sun conure by Pumidol Leelerdsakulvong True gentleman with a very funny and dirty mind

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grizzly bear attack - this is the ultimate man eater.will crush bones and eat them along with your clothes .takes a serious rifle to even touch a bear attack

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Puma approaching and licking his nose by Tambako the Jaguar. "One of the pumas, I think it's Django the male, walking towards me and licking his nose.

Silvia Patricia Balaguer

Silvia Patricia Balaguer