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Silver Ball Wood Chopsticks, set-4

Silver Ball Wood Chopsticks, - - The Amazing Grace Elephant Company stocks a diverse range of Eastern clothing and homewares.

I love using chopsticks... Even when it's not Asian food!

Hairpin Chopsticks / Sets of various beautiful wooden chopsticks used as long-hair sticks / Simple Hair Accessories / Black Red Wood Twisted

Wooden chopsticks unique & high quality 100% handmade design no.25. $5.25, via Etsy.

Wooden chopsticks unique & high quality by GiftGoGreen

Blue Curly Maple Moribashi plating chopsticks handmade by Isaiah Schroeder.

Handmade moribashi chopsticks for plating, serving and cooking, handmade by Isaiah Schroeder using 303 stainless steel blades, blue curly maple, spalted maple burl and African blackwood.

Wakasa Daikan Japanese Chopsticks

The Wakasa Daikan Japanese chopsticks are created with carving that forges indented scallops on 2 sides and creates vertical striations down the other 2 sides.

Blue and white

get some Chinese food use your chopsticks, and your Chinese tea set with jasmine tea, put on a face mask and watch movies

TiStix Titanium Chopsticks – serious chopsticks for serious eating

The original titanium chopsticks, TiStix are made and sourced exclusively in the USA. Create an eating experience to be savored.

Aluminum & Ebony Chopsticks with Rest handmade by Erica Moody.

Handcrafted by Erica Moody, aluminum is joined to beautiful ebony using a stepped handshake technique and fastened with brass pins.


New Bamboo Lacquered Chopsticks Black or Red Tipped with Case Japanese Style (Black) by Brand new

まるで切り株のような愛嬌たっぷりの箸置き。裏面を削いでいるので、安定感がありますよ。 箸はもちろん、木材や金属のカトラリーとも好相性。青森ヒバならではの高い抗菌効果で、食卓で安心してお使いいただけます。


まるで切り株のような愛嬌たっぷりの箸置き。裏面を削いでいるので、安定感がありますよ。 箸はもちろん、木材や金属のカトラリーとも好相性。青森ヒバならではの高い抗菌効果で、食卓で安心してお使いいただけます。