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“On most nights under the winter moon when we have made our camp, around us echo faint sounds of that other hidden world—the one of meadow and forest in the night. The melody of whip-poor-will, the cry of hunting owl, the scurrying rush of vole and chasing fox. This night, the land is empty. The silence is deep in stark and open heath. It is as if some great razor scraped the life from this sheet of white-edged vellum, leaving only blank.” - SINFUL FOLK

Lone tree in moonlight picture perfect of nature's magic.wouldn't this be a beautiful picture to paint?

What is more indicative of a haunted place then a full moon over a graveyard.

Graveyards are commonly featured in gothic literature. They are abandoned place that have a creepy, spooky and mysterious atmosphere.

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon (Explored#1)

The three brightest objects in the night sky - Venus, Jupiter and a crescent moon - crowded around each other for an unusual group shot.

125 "This might be a cannabis leaf but I'm not sure" moon

Beautiful Bud - The natural beauty of the cannabis plant, otherwise known as marijuana.

moonlight rail (515×700)

"Track To The Moon" - This beautiful photograph was taken by Emily Stauring. It shows the railroad tracks to a full moon.

Moon in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan, by Tatsuya Kamikura, on TOKYO CAMERA CLUB.

Moon over Miyama, Japan. Miyama is a rural town in Kyoto Prefecture and has Japan's highest concentration of traditional thatched roofed farmhouses. Photo by Tatsuya Kamikura, TOKYO CAMERA CLUB.

flying across the moon....

When the full moon rises on Halloween beware the evil that comes between every shadow and every tree beware the evil .

Crescent moon

Solar Eclipse ~ by Tomas Johansson~~not really a picture of the moon but I don't know which other board I would pin this on!


Article: “History And East Asian Tradition Of Landscape Art” and Rare Selection of Landscape Pictures