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(TWIBRA) Unexpected good colfriend by Patty-PLMH.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

English is not my native language. Sombra still an asshole. And for those that think that THIS is OOC. it is, i mean, is a ship-post, what do you expect?

Next Gen Genderbend (Royals) by hikariviny on DeviantArt

This time with my "Royal" next gen Chaotic - Calamity Amaris - Ashtar Crystal Shield - Brightness Guard Charming Heart - Ki. Next Gen Genderbend (Royals)

"Is it true...? That you are Sombra...?" (Aurora) --- Ookay... let me explain this thing. I was rewatching "Maleficent", when I thought... hell, it fits perfectly! O.O Just imagine this movie: Cada...

Another scene from the Maleficent/Sombra crossover. I love that scene, where Diaval tells Maleficent about Aurora's birth. Here, Sombra's pet vulture, Reeky is taking over this role I liked the ide.

Cheese and Cupcake by Lopoddity

Cheese and Cupcake by one of my favourite artists Loppodity on DeviantArt

Scootaloo's Playtime III Revelations by bronybyexception.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Meet Zecora Ibiz, the famous tv actress of MLP appearance- What accent does she have? A: South African. Cuz she's a zebra.

The 12 Days of Christmas by Karzahnii.deviantart.com on @deviantART---- christmas is coming my brony friends!!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas. So happy cuz it includes my favorite pony (rainbow dash) and my bffs favorite pony (vinyl scratch) AWWWWW HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Insult levels by Heir-of-Rick.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I've been insulted at soul-crushing level it hurts. A lot never joke about the last three levels