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fractal fish 2 by StrainedEye

fractal another wierd fish from the abyss of apophysis fractal fish 2

Under water life....go snorkeling!

I love the colors of marine life! Nice shot of a tropical saltwater fish tank … lionfish, clown fish, anemones. Wish I could have salt water tank!

I LOVE this fish, I am trying to get one but we will see. I don't want it to kill the other fish!!

The Mandarinfish or Mandarin Dragonet _ is probably the most colorful aquarium fish in the world. It is scientifically named Synchiropus splendidus. _ Amazing Animals: The World’s Most Colorful Aquatic Animals

Arabian Picasso triggerfish - Focus On the Positive: The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation http://www.mosfoundation.org

Arabian Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi), the Red Sea, Egypt…

Stichodactyla haddoni, also known as Haddon's Carpet Anemone, are often host to clownfish. What a colorful pair they must make! (via Zbyszek Chełchowski)

Coral (Stichodactyla haddoni, Ukwiał dywanowy) - These Carpet Anemones are my favorites. Clown fish will love them too. Word of caution if your clown fish was breed/raised in captivity it most likely will not know / use an enemone for a home.


The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta. I've never seen a black betta before