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love dare day 8 | Love Dare Challenge

Todays challenge doesn’t involve doing anything with your spouse, it involves you asking the Lord for help.

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We are in the final stretch guys, keep it up love birds!This dare is a great one, and one that I do on a daily basis, I am so thankful for my husband – that I find myself thanking the Lord mu…

The Love Dare, Day 40

LAST DAY OF THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE! We didn’t really have vows at our wedding, but I do remember how happy and carefree we were that day.

The Love Dare, Day 26

I love today’s Dare – confessing an issue that you are having, and resolve to fix it.Problems are so much easier when there are 2 individuals working on them, agreeing to fix things.

I’ve been doing the dares a little out of order, but hey – thats okay!

The Love Dare, Day 30                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Can you think of your largest area of division in your marriage?The dares have covered quite a few topics that are NOT healthy for a marriage, and hopefu…

Today’s dare could be extremely easy or extremely hard. I guess it depends on what you are addicted to that’s keeping you from your spouse.What if I’m addicted to crafting and blo…

Love dare

This is a very easy dare, it takes only minutes and can prove to your spouse/partner that you are interested in their happiness.Helping your spouse with a simple task will help their day, and in re…

Alright, todays dare is a bit more of a challenge. Requesting your spouse to tell you things that they potentially want you to change.This could either be a very positive opportunity for change if …

Tuesday, November 2013 – Day Five: Love is Not Rude Rudeness can be characterized by the way we speak or the way we behave and act. Rudeness causes unpleasantness for others we are aroun…

The Love Dare, Day 33

I love today’s dare so much! I really do feel that love has the opportunity to fulfill and complete one another, so I love the opportunity to sit down and talk to Chad about what I want most …

10 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage- how to take your marriage from blah to bliss!  The Dating Divas 10 week "Reclaim Your Marriage Program!"


10 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage- how to take your marriage from blah to bliss! The Dating Divas 10 week Reclaim Your Marriage Program!

[Infographic] 10  Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage

[Infographic] Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage - Help Me Find Love

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

[Every January If we all saw Bruce Almighty then the concept of Play God Day is pretty simple. What would you do if you were god for a day?