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Gotta go to the moon, gotra make it gay

Gotta go to the moon, gotra make it gay, gotta make that moon gay

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There's bound to be a ghost At the back of your closet No matter where you live There'll always be a few things Maybe several things That you're gonna find really difficult to forgive There's gonna come a day When you'll feel better You'll rise up free and easy on that day And float from branch to branch Lighter than the air  -the mountain goats

Soundtrack to Season 4 "Still". Daryl & Beth burn the cabin to 'Up The Wolves' by The Mountain Goats

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ellie / f / 26 / australia / meme queen / creator of the guy fieri rpg

I just heard this song right before I left work!

wh y is this funny like no stopp pls

ghostpastry said: have you ever had the day that you sing about in Up the Wolves? ("a day when you feel better / you'll rise up free and easy on that day") i want to believe it can really...

jmunday said: Hi John, not a question, but I've been a fan for a long time, before I really knew anything about you/The Mountain Goats outside of the music itself (and the writing in the booklets of.

I'm gonna stab you in the eye with a foreign object (from "Foreign Object" by the Mountain Goats)

I should probably clarify that these are lyrics to the song “Foreign Object” by the Mountain Goats.