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Pokemon and Avengers

I Like Shinx, I'll Have Another

Flaming llama got no drama.

30 Artists Doing Awesomely Realistic Pokemon Fan Art

Arcanin     (n°59)

Arcanin (n°59)

Please welcome the three new starters for Pokemon X

18 Upsetting Works Of Pokemon Fan Art


The most awesome images on the Internet

The Most Realistic Pokemon Fan Art Out There -Arceus<< Majestic as crap.

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Akai Tera has just re-imagined the regular cute Pokemon into something epic! If they ever make a Pokemon game that's this intense, the whole world would be up.

Green (Pokémon)/#359045 - Zerochan

Day Favorite Gym Leader: Gary - One of the deepest characters in the whole series.

This Artist Imagines Pokemon With Fascinating Real-World Anatomy

So THAT'S what's inside a Voltorb. View "This Artist Imagines Pokemon With Fascinating Real-World Anatomy" and more funny posts on Dorkly