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hd-alienware-wallpaper_122731785_285.jpg (1920×1080)

FACTS ABOUT THE BALTIC ANOMALY! “It is not an object which is man made in modern time. What ever it is it’s either from during the ice age or pre-ice age.” – Peter Lindberg, February 24, 2013 “The object is older than 140.000 yrs. Older than that… with straight angles/lines – rounded corners… much like a “dinner plate” and separate from the base below.” – Dennis Asberg, September 28, 2012. There are THREE objects of interest .

Baltic Sea Anomaly ~ This HUGE object is still being investigated, but the resemblance to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. The fact that it seems to be composed of natural minerals raises the odds of it being some kind of a natural rock formation.

If NASA's flight research has developed flying saucer's (which has not been public knowledge), could this in part explain many of the "UFO" sightings?

LOL - everyone knows that you need 4 vortex generators, aligned on a tetrahedronal array, to operate inertialess space drives.

Antique Brass Figurine Buddha 10" Statue Okinawa purchased in 1964

Antique Brass Figurine Buddha 10 Statue Okinawa purchased in 1964

it came FROM SPACE The geetered FIEND (coffeeFIEND)

Video documentary shows NASA was probably warned off by aliens when they discovered alien spacecraft on the moon.

Museo archeologico nazionale di Cagliari: modellino di arciere nuragico in bronzo - Giganti di Mont'e Prama

The Nuragic civilisation flourished on Sardinia from the bronze age up to the C AD. I’ll be doing a piece on them soon but to whet your appetite here’s a Nuragic bronze archer.

Imagenes locas y flasheras (acid 25) Parte 2

Imagenes locas y flasheras (acid 25) Parte 2

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