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Biography of Imam Hazrat Ali ra Radiallahu anhu, Quotes and Aqwal. rightly guided Caliph Successor of Hazrat Muhammad Pbuh and Amir al-Mu'minin.

Life Of My Heart — INSTANT DOWNLOAD: But You Cannot will

Life Of My Heart — quran quotes. never say what you will do with saying by the will of Allah, bc there's nothing you can do without His permission.



Ummah is supposed to be one ☝️

"The true enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, the true enemy of knowledge is superficial knowledge ( thinking that you have knowledge when in reality you don’t ).

De grootste jihad is de strijd tegen je eigen ziel: het gevecht tegen het slechte in jezelf.

Beautiful Collection of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Quotes. These sayings from the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are also commonly known as Hadith or Ahadith,

Ya rab

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Aameen ♥

Aameen ♥