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THIS video. seriously. made me cry. ♥

a lovely song and terrific video. Now I gotta go watch the movies and read the books again.

I'm kind of curious how they expected to keep all those kids out of trouble for that long with nothing to really watch...and what they would have done if a dragon ate some one.

When people thought that the tri wizard tournament would be an awesome spectator sport

Tom: Khi tôi bảo tát tôi đi, ý tôi là hãy "tát kiểu phim ảnh" ấy.  Emma: Tôi cảm thấy thật kinh khủng, tôi thấy tệ lắm. Tôi còn không chắc lúc đó mình đang nghĩ gì nữa.  Tom: Cô ấy làm thế này "whooshhh" và bạt một phát vào ngay mặt tôi.  Tom: Tôi lúc đó biểu cảm kiểu, "Ờ cú đó tốt đấy, rất là tuyệt vời luôn". Và sau đó tôi chuồn đi với vẻ ngại ngùng.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson discuss Hermione punching Draco in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". That'd be hilarious.I wanna see Emma smack the shit out of Tom

Harry Potter and the Movie of Sass. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of sarcasm. << xD

Harry Potter and the Movie of Sass. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of sarcasm. this caption Harry Potter the boy who sassed and He is the ultimate lord of sass<< the movie where movie Harry matched book Harry.

Hahahaha hilarious!!Harry Potter

"That's insulting. It's as if they don't trust us!" Harry, Ron, and Hermione.<<<this part is hilarious and I love how ron's always saying all the loud mouth words and Harry's just making notions and nodding toward him XD

i had a friend who got mad at me once when i told her the books were better than the movies.  fast forward 5 years, and i learn she never read the books in the first place, but was reading them now.  she has since told me that she's changed her mind and the books are a million times better.  read the books.  do it.

If you didn't READ "Harry Potter".(and only watched the movies) isn't it a crime not to read harry potter? i think i've read that somewhere ;


Sometimes i wish i had godfather who was an escaped prisoner of Azkaban just so i could use that line of Harrys as an excuse to scare people into leaving me alone and giving me what i want. he'd have to be a wizard of course

I think this says so much about how tightly knit the cast of HP really was and how completely they became their characters. I doubt they needed any help finding tears that day.

Fred ~~ Never have I cried so hard while reading a book, than the moment Fred died. One twin should not have to live without the other.


Funny pictures about Why not stay dead? Oh, and cool pics about Why not stay dead? Also, Why not stay dead?