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✖ Pinterest: @KitsuneSpirit7✖

✖ Pinterest: @KitsuneSpirit7✖

He's 20 and Australian and a bae.

24 Excuses To Bask In The Adorable Beauty That Is Ashton Irwin

ash why would u do that to me

imagine ashton biting his lip for you like this asdfghjkl<< i just died<<<<<why would he bite his lips for a girlfriend, i'd never know but it's still sexy as hell

FC: Ashton Irwin || "Hey, I'm Ashton. I'm single and from Australia. I love music, adventure and photography. Aspen is my baby step-sister, and even if we're related, I'll still protect here like an older brother would. I love playing the guitar and drums, and I sing a little too. So, introduce?"

"hi i'm ashton, i'm i enjoy playing the drums" i smile "im very protective of my friends and my younger siblings back home"

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven Ash? bad posture fix people

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Everyone needs Ashton skipping on their board tbh you're welcome

Everyone needs Ashton jumping rope on their board.>>> If you don't have Ashton skipping on your board I will judge you hahaha xxx