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Maison de Viron

Built in the this abandoned house it quite sizeable and has some nice grounds but one of the more unusual features are a collection of around 7 large crosses which are about in hight and are placed scattered around the house within the gardens.

So beautiful.

Beginning Your Indoor Garden

You can't really tell if this beauty actually is a greenhouse or maybe a gigantic indoor garden. But either way it is stunning and a huge inspiration on how to design one's one greenhouse with a little more charm than just the usual pots and benches.

Wonderfully designed Gothic styled stairs

Lviv House of Scientists, Lviv, Ukraine - 1887 - Architects: Fellner & Helmer, Vienna - Baroque architecture, also known as the Viennese neo-Renaissance style- Incredibly beautiful.

Gorgeous everything.

The light shoots through the window like a spotlight. I think it ironic how natural light is lighting up a chandelier (a source of artificial light). You can see the light sliver which creates interesting texture.


I think I should have been an architect because I love structural urban photography but also ladscapes. two stairways. 1 by Tommy-Noker Collection of Urban Decay Photography

33 more breathtaking and incredible photos of abandoned places - Blog of Francesco Mugnai abandoned school for girls

33 more breathtaking and incredible photos of abandoned places

Sometimes a building just takes your breath away, you can forgive the damp walls, the flourishing plant life, the cracked and crumbling plaster.  You can hear the walls whisper their never ending s…

The Beauty within the Abandoned

Neglected Beauty, Fine Art Print, Abandoned Building, Chicago Architecture, color photography "Back Stairs Elegance"

Abandoned staircase.

Abandoned Mansion with Art Nouveau staircase -Who would abandon such a beautiful place and why?

Abandoned Tree House

Treehouse by Steven Rondel Redmond, Washington, USA A little bit art nouveau, steampunk, and Howl’s Moving Castle