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Here Are Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Roasting The Shit Out Of Each Other

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt roasting eachother. (more like Jen roasting speechless Chris)

At first I just saw the top and I was like "this has got to be Canada" and I scrolled down and was like "called it"

I am a little upset, biggest riot in canadian history, meme - Oct 31 2012 PM

The two sides of Pinterest. I'm both because one must look fabulous at the presence of doctor who, the avengers,  the x men, or Harry potter. Never present yourself as unattractive to those you think are smoking hot in all their nerdness!

Pin for the right side, like for the left one<<< I'm not much of a left side person. RIGHT SIDE FTW. Notice all the fandoms. I notice Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and I think the green brick is mario.

•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane

If "womb" is pronounced "woom" and "tomb" is pronounced "toom" shouldn't "bomb" be pronounced "boom"? IS is that a pun

What am I allergic to?  Pine nuts. And the full spectrum of human emotion.  Haha <3

the proposal, funny movie quotes,the proposal quotes What am I allergic to? And the full spectrum of human emotion.

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I think my sister just got dumped. I think your sister knows how to turn the freak up

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You'll never look at Trump the same way again.

I was entertained

I love this so much. Donald Trump pulling coloured flags out of his nose