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Suburbia homesteading -----> Found in; Country Life: A Handbook for Realists and Dreamers by Paul Heiney - Hardcover

Here's one person's take on what a x home lot can provide as a small farm. Depending upon your local city codes you may not be able to have things like the pigs (maybe goats, if any meat / dairy animal at all).

Red Worm CompostingWorm Composting in a Compost Tumbler

Red Worm CompostingWorm Composting in a Compost Tumbler. It's a perfect design!

milk crate composter

Milkcrate Composter (vertically Stacked)

Milkcrate Composter (vertically stacked) - I intend to make one of these, or maybe two or three, to keep out by the garden. What a great idea! Super cool, apparently composting isn't as easy as creating a heap! At least I hv one crate do far!

Amazon.com: Pawhut Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop / Hen House / Rabbit Hutch w/ Run: Pet Supplies

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Backyard Chicken Coop - Poultry Hen House Rabbit Hutch Pen - New and Used

plumbing flange, tidy garden

Don't spend back breaking hours turning your compost pile when you can simply turn your tumbler 4 or 5 times a day. Most s are very hard to empty. With Bruce's, you have a hatch, so daily household scraps can be disposed of quickly. To empty, simply remov

a row of compost tumblers DIY - Today's Gardens

could these be used somehow as drums as well? a row of compost tumblers DIY - Today's Gardens

DIY compost tumbler.

Compost Tumbler

This is another easy project. It will provide great nutrients for our garden and less waste in our garbage.