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Federico García Lorca a tocar piano

Federico Garcia Lorca was a famous Spanish poet and dramatist. This biography by Ian Gibson gives an account of his family, his private life and his mysterious

Leon Tolstoi was a Russian writer who primarily wrote novels and short stories. Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays. Tolstoy is equally known for his complicated and paradoxical persona and for his extreme moralistic and ascetic views, which he adopted after a moral crisis and spiritual awakening in the 1870s, after which he also became noted as a moral thinker and social reformer.

Leo Tolstoy - “A real work of art destroys, in the consciousness of the receiver, the separation between himself and the artist.” Pinning this in dialogical even though according to Bakhtin, Tolstoy is monological

Imogen Cunningham  - The Wood Beyond the World, 1910

Like most early photographers, she started out by illustrating mythological and literary ideas. Imogen Cunningham, The Wood Beyond The World, 1910