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Птенчики из модулей

Птенчики из модулей

3D origami hearts | How About Orange

A fun Valentine's Day craft - create a garland made from origami hearts via How About Orange

3D Origami Penguin. This is a very fun 3D Origami "pattern" to make. It's not too hard although it is a bit time-consuming. See my original post here: http://ladylavendersexpressions.blogspot.com/2013/05/crafty-creations-3d-origami-penguin.html

This is a very fun Origami "pattern" to make. It's not too hard although it is a bit time-consuming

origami_panda_tutorial_by_synconi-d1w4s72.jpg 1,024×3,165 pixels

Origami Panda Tutorial- takes a lot of patience to do this! But fun and easy to…

3D Origami Swan                                                                                                                                                <button class="Button Module borderless hasText vaseButton" type="button">       <span class="buttonText">                          More         </span>          </button>

The Origami Swan is one of the most exquisite origami models which you can make. Despite the fact that you can make almost anything with enough triang

3D Origami Balls | Fuentes de Información - Origami impresionante.

Origami videos, imagenes, historia

style paper dragon made from many triangular pieces of paper slotted together. This is a very long way from & origami& but the paper-slotting method .