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When someone says something seriously stupid but you're to polite to say it.

Thranduil his wife and Legolas. Well that hurt more than expected<<<It hurt like a knife cutting though my soul.

Thranduil his wife and Legolas. Well that hurt more than expected *cries manly tears *

In A Hole In The Ground...

Imagine Thranduil allowing you to stay in Mirkwood after the BOTFA & you find out that more than one of the elves developed a crush on you

dorwinionwhine: “ thranduil’s expert level trolling ”

I feel like in this scene Thranduil is mocking Gandalf because Thranduil has been paranoid for years saying that Sauron was returning and that something was going on and no one listened.

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elvenking: Where does your journey end?

Thranduil THRANDUIL A Beautiful Sight - Imagine having ice powers like Elsa and you trying to hide it from the Company. The reader meets Thranduil and it makes him feel so amazed when he discovers her.

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Elrond healing Thranduil...awww...poor little Legolas in the background. :(

Thranduil after the battle with the great serpents of the north. Elrond is helping him. Legolas crying in the background. Thranduil, elrond and legolas