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A great choice for moist, shady gardens, this big plant forms a large canopy of leaves and sends up bright yellow flower spikes in the middle of summer. A hummingbird favorite. (Ligularia stenocephala)

The Rocket Golden Ray

Dwarf Joe Pye Weed is the solution for butterfly lovers short on space in the garden. This variety growing to be about tall. Baby Joe’s gorgeous, purple blooms add sweet fragrance to the late-season garden. (Eupatorium dubium) PP

4 Plants That Grow Well In The Shade

Finding Your Landscape Style – Part 2

The Hydrangea or Hydrangea arborescens is a beautiful native shrub. The flowers from the Hydrangea form in large bundles that can be as big as 10 inches in diameter. Hydrangeas do better in medium…

Plants that could actually repel ticks and fleas? Yes! Here are 4 pet safe plants that will do just that.

Plants that could actually repel ticks and fleas? Here are 4 pet safe plants that will do just that. Catnip, chamomile, lavender, and rosemary

The Best Perennials for Your Yard: 'Goldsturm' Black-Eyed Susan - blooms midsummer to fall. Another great in the garden and for cut arrangements.

The Best Perennials for Your Yard

Top Plants That Thrive in Clay. Golden black-eyed Susan is a summer staple for sunny borders. 'Goldsturm' is the most commonly grown variety. It spreads quickly, but not invasively, to fill a planting bed with long-lasting color.

First choice for many gardeners! Echinacea Purpurea 'Rubinglow' is an outstanding short-stemmed variety of Coneflower with big, heavily petaled brilliant magenta flowers surrounding dark brown central cones.

Echinacea or Puple Cone Flower is a must in the Butterfly garden, and Hummingbirds like it too.


Help me identify this beautiful plant. I would also like to know where

Type of orchid cactus. Named "German Empress". This is beautiful I've never seen cascading flowers on a cactus like this.

Once established, this vine doesn't need much water and can tolerate very poor soils and full sun. Because of its red trumpet-shaped blooms, Coral honeysuckle is a favorite of hummingbirds.  Other great non-invasive Honeysuckles include 'Gold Flame' Honeysuckle (Lonicera x heckrottii) and Brown's Honeysuckle (Lonicera x brownii).

PlantFiles Pictures: Lonicera Species, Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) by sunkissed

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Favorite Spillers - Purslane String of Pearls Deadnettle Dwarf Morning Glory Fan Flower Pilea Calibrachoa Licorice Vine Sweet Potato Vine Bacopa Ivy Lobelia Nasturtium Nemesia Petunia Torenia Verbena Vinca Zebrina Alternanthera Favorite Spillers

12 Plants to Bring Movement and Light to Dry Shade — Time and Space Garden and Planting Design

12 Plants to Bring Movement and Light to Dry Shade — Time and Space

12 beautiful perennials and grasses to bring softness, light and movement into dry shade - the most difficult of landscapes to plant successfully.

Pinus contorta or the Chief Joseph pine is winter hardy to zones 5-8.  It has light green color during the warm season, then in the fall, the color changes to a bright yellow that lasts until the following spring when it transitions back to light green.  Grows 1' per year to a max of 8'. Plant in full sun.

Pinus contorta or the Chief Joseph pine - winter hardy to zones light green color during warm season, bright yellow in fall. Grows per year to a max of Plant in full sun.

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Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia shade tolerant, fragrant blooms, evergreen, really love the smell of gardenias