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He watches helplessly as wolf nears his dog – then the unthinkable happens

hybrid animals are cool

Coolest Hybrid Animals Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

Squirrolf by HumanDescent on DeviantArt

Prompts for unusual animals. see Create-an-Animal on this board. use w/prompts for unusual animals

Coyote. Photo by Christopher Bruno. Wikimedia Commons.

Colorado town posts COYOTE WARNING signs on popular trail ~ Oregon has new WOLF PACK in Snake River country ~ Scientists discover first U.S. strains of HEPATITIS E from RABBITS ~ RABIES reports from California, Florida, & Georgia ~ a WEST NILE VIRUS report from Florida ~ an EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS report from Massachusetts ~ and TRAVEL WARNINGS for Greece (MALARIA), and Indonesia (CHIKUNGUNYA FEVER).

California Becomes First State To Ban Brutal Wildlife-Killing Contests

Playful Galloping Wolf

Search Results: Wolf Running Wolf Wallpaper. If you want advice on how to make some fun and interesting designs, then we'll show you ways to use animals to make everything come to life right here.

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Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey

Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey in Good Health

Meet Ippo the Zonkey. She's the foal of a male zebra & a female donkey born at an Italian animal reserve in July So cute!

Zonkey baby!

Rare Zebra/Donkey Hybrid Born at Wildlife Preserve

Rare Zebra/Donkey Hybrid Born at Wildlife Preserve : TreeHugger