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A living "microbial community" with bioluminescent properties is kept alive in hand-blown glass cells contained within a steel matrix

Bio-Light by Philips is a concept design and consists of hand-blown glass cells containing bioluminescent bacteria and their food source, composting sludge. _Bacteria for Bioluminescent Mushrooms

Optical illusion. That's crazy

Lathwell Associates on

Perception: the ability to be aware of the things around us through our five senses (hear, feel, sense, touch and taste). Our perception of reality is influenced by others around us.


20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography


Mondrian Pong

Piet Mondrian Pong painting Digital arts community had a user challenged others to create images of fake video games based off of famous artworks. HappyToast envisioned a version of Pong set inside a Piet Mondrian painting. After seeing the GIF,.