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Just ease back on the trigger, kid.

Just ease back on the trigger, kid.

Ahhhh I see lmao

Now that explains it! Now to explain why thousand is amaricans are voting for this idiot!

DYING! Olympic divers mid-dive... and a little photoshop action.

Olympic Divers on the Toilet meme


Funny pictures about Ellen As President. Oh, and cool pics about Ellen As President. Also, Ellen As President photos.

Better hurry up and use the bathroom Patrick! P.s. Pull your pants up to...

Otherwise Known As The 'Mad Dash' Back To The TV

"When I go to the bathroom during commercials and hear my show come back on" spongebob patrick

lmao!!!! hahahaha i love it, im introducing myself this way from now on

Middle Names…

Funny pictures about Middle Names. Oh, and cool pics about Middle Names. Also, Middle Names.

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About to be a painful fail...

I hate to admit I almost did this same thing, once. After that time, I always wore an oven mitt on each hand.

funny texts from mom

My iPod died of cancer. It was slow and painful process first the home button quit work then one morning it wouldn't wake up its so sad!

12 Spray Tan Fails So Tragic You'll Laugh (PHOTOS)

Shower Before Breastfeeding

I am seriously laughing my butt off.😹 12 Spray Tan Fails So Tragic You'll Laugh (PHOTOS)

LOLOL "it's so cold out side that even Justin Bieber would pull his pants up"

Lord let it stay cold if it helps those sharing crack pull up their Britches.