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Tortuga del desierto (Gopherus agassizii)

A tortoise is one species in the turtle family. Unlike many turtles, most tortoises live in dry regions and are built for.

My Turtle Store: Baby Elongated Tortoises for sale

My Turtle Store: Baby Elongated Tortoises for sale

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18 de las más raras y maravillosas especies de tortugas

My Tortoise_Indian Star

My Tortoise_Indian Star

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Approved Foods for Sulcata Tortoises

African spurred tortoises (Geochelone sulcata), also called sulcata tortoises, are large, herbivorous turtles native to sub-Saharan Africa. The largest continental turtle species in the world, .

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Giant Tortoise -The shells and neck lengths of Giant tortoises evolved based on availability of food. If food was ground level, shorter necks. If food was higher up a longer neck.

Gary the Tortoise’s big vacation: Gary the Russian tortoise had a swell vacation at Ohme Gardens.

OHME GARDENS — And then there’s the saga of Gary and his alpine vacation. Gary is a tortoise found wandering on Ohme Road July Rather than have him transformed .