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I can't stop laughing, someone send help!

Bobby Singer ^o^

sam winchester cinderella - Google Search

sam winchester cinderella - the last is funny because the cat name is Lucifer too.

*gasp* it's the Ackles Ass Equation

*gasp* I know that Equation it's the Jensen's Ass Equation. Everyone knows the Ackles Ass Equation. It’s a phenomenon all by itself

Can I tickle you from the inside is officially the scariest sentence I've ever heard.

"Can I tickle you from the inside?" is now the creepiest sentence I've ever heard. *stares deeply into your eyes with a smile* "Can I tickle you on the inside? Your shirts are comfortable.

Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins are the Doctor and his next Companion. Mark Sheppard is even British, so we could keep with that. Misha would make a great companion, omg.

Jingle Bells - Supernatural version

Jingle Bells - Supernatural version<<<<TF that not Jingle Bells, know your Christmas songs. It's Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Exchange "Winchester" with "Hunter's" and you can sing it perrectly. To get the syllables right.


Dean attempting to bribe a baby


(gif) Crowley is so done. "Bottom of the deepest water fountain"! XD Supernatural First Born Edit

This is hilarious because imagine them getting so bored in the cage that shit like this starts to happen

Adam Milligan with Hell weather, Lucifer sports, cage wrestling


Luci puts baby Gabe and baby Cas to bed

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This could be how Cas comes back in season thirteen!

Things you can find thanks to the fandom.

This is a truly wonderful fandom

Everyone hates you, Metatron. You could have been adorable and fun, but then you had to be a dick.

Everyone hates you, Metatron. You could have been adorable and fun, but then you had to be a dick.<<<He died a hero, though. That kind of fucked me up.

His Secret Obsession.Earn Commissions On Front And Backend Sales Promoting His Secret Obsession - The Highest Converting Offer In It’s Class That is Taking The Women’s Market By Storm