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Attack of the Fruits

Everyday Objects Come Alive: The Caramel Helps to Hide the Bruises. by Terry Border

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Top 63 des meilleurs Bent objects, ou la vie en fil de fer

Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat

Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat

Watch this cute kitten playing with a fake cat! As the porcelain fake cat sits and minds its own business, this adorable kitten rolls around and tries to att.

Unusual Suspects - BENT OBJECTS by terry border

I know a good defense attorney.


Alambre + Imaginación = Arte..! [100 imgs]

Jump!  #Sculpture & #Photography by Terry Border / Bent Objects http://terryborder.com/

Terry Border's "Bent Collection" ~ every day objects seen with a slice of humor.

Terry Border takes objects from everyday life and turns them into humorous art. For years now, this unassuming photographer-sculptor has worked with snack foods, office supplies, toys, and other items to create evocative and bizarre scenes.

Mail-Order Bride Artist Terry Border is one of those people who has a secret gift. He can take boring, everyday objects and make them come alive!

Ben Objects "Come on come on, take another pice of my karczoch baby"

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kiwi shave :D #terryborder

Wacky artist Terry Border specializes in bring food and ordinary objects alive – all with a deliciously dark sense of humor. These and other unlikely culinary-based scenarios are explored in the book ‘Bent Objects: […]