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Building information models are like bottomless cabinets for documenting information. Integrating facility management into BIM revolutionizes the facility management process.

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Infographic about BIM:Building Information System. Definition, benefits and keys for architectural and engineering practices- by SI architects - www.

How To Use BIM In Facilities Management? - Evolution, growth and acceptance of BIM is impressive. This technology clearly adds value to a construction project right through the stages of conceptualization, design, construction scheduling, cost estimation, facility management, renovation and demolition.

BIM is widely used by building owners and developers during the construction process, however these days, it has increasingly gained acceptance as a major support for facility management system.

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Instead of using the best tool for the job, a large section of designers choose to use one BIM software that they are most familiar with for both design


From pencil to CAD to BIM, we have come a long way in the past fifty years. What makes BIM so special & different? Here is my working definition of BIM.

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This guide make it easier for choosing the BIM software that best suit your needs. What BIM software are needed to achieve the objectives

Condivisione BIM – Fonte AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol

Condivisione BIM – Fonte AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Market 2015-2022.jpg 790×636 pixels

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Market 2015-2022.jpg 790×636 pixels

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Building information modelling (BIM), otherwise known as virtual design or digital engineering, has become one of the most complex and controversial topics in the Australian construction market in recent years.

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Struggling with BIM? You’re not alone, with less than a year until the UK Government’s BIM mandate comes into effect, over of respondents to our BIM survey indicated they need help unders…

A practical look at extending the value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into facility management—from the world's largest international association for professional facility managers.

this text covers how building information management (BIM) complements facility management (FM) systems to achieve significant lifecycle advantages.

Encuesta BIM 2012

A brief introduction to BIM and an infographic showing the results of the national BIM survey conducted by the NBS in

Zigurat BIM Manager edição em português - ZIGURAT

Zigurat BIM Manager edição em português - ZIGURAT