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Moroni the last prophet of a once great nation, sees it destroyed. he then buries the Nephite record in the hope that a future people might gain wisdom from their mistakes.

Moroni Hides the Plates in the Hill Cumorah (Moroni Burying the Plates), by Tom Lovell GAK Primary manual Primary manual Mormon Moroni

Alma 48:17    Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

Captain Moroni, my scripture hero.

Mormon and Moroni

My most favorite picture of all Book of Mormon paintings I have seen is this one showing Moroni mourning the death of his father, Mormon.

Joseph Smith http://facebook.com/217921178254609 received the gold plates from Moroni on Sept. 22, 1827. “I obtained them,” the Prophet testified, “and the Urim and Thummim with them, by the means of which I translated the plates; and thus came the Book of Mormon.” http://mormon.org/book-of-mormon #sharegoodness

Joseph Smith receives the plates from Moroni.

Joseph Smith

The Angel Moroni appears to Joseph Smith - artist not listed

Larry Winborg's Painting "Constrained by the Spirit"

Warrior - Larry Winborg's Painting "Constrained by the Spirit"

I Even Remain Alone - Walter Rane. Moroni, finding his father, Mormon, after the final battle with the Lamanites.

I Even Remain Alone by Walter Rane. An easy target for critics of the Book of Mormon is its reported army sizes and battle casualties. The final…

Captain Moroni

Anyone else want to marry a Captain Moroni? :) images+of+captain+moroni

Stripling Warrior Mom: Protecting Family Against Pornography, Captain Moroni Style

LDS Church News - Book of Mormon examples: Forgiving others

Abish- Alma 9

Abish by Walter Rane, Book of Mormon Women

Book of Mormon gospel art pictures  This Mormon pin is loved at www.MormonLink.com

Christ appears to the Nephites.Book of Mormon Art

Por mi religión, mi pueblo, mi  libertad ,mi familia ,mi Dios.

"Title of Liberty" by Jeremy Winborg. Moroni's faith in the Lord and his courage to withstand evil in his country and to fight against it. Read the Book of Mormon for more.

Sis. Wright's Seminary Journey blog...as she teaches about the Book of Mormon

Moroni, son of Mormon, took the records after his father died to keep them safe. He buried them, and later (as a resurrected being) revealed that location to the prophet Joseph Smith

Mormon's editing of the plates reflected his admiration of Captain Moroni. Paintings by James Fullmer.

Why Did Mormon See Captain Moroni as a Hero?

Abinadi being burned at the stake for preaching the true gospel and condemning the false practices of King Noah and his priests. Book of Mormon. art by ???

King Noah and his wicked priests burn Abinadi at the stake

The Brother of Jared seeing the hand of the Lord.  Painting by Arnold Friberg.

The brother of Jared, an ancient prophet, shows great faith then sees the finger of the Lord as the Lord touches 16 stones to give light inside the prophet's vessel crossing the sea to the shores of the promised land.