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Oml I legit go around singing this to people who say that at school bc why the…

Katniss Reads Catching Fire - Katniss Reads Catching Fire

HAHA love it so funny It's so annoying when people call it hunger games 2 I'm like NO ITS CALLED CATCHING FIRE and then they rub it in my face and I get proper pissed off.

They all DIED!!!!!!!!spoiler alert to me I'm only in the middle of catching fire!!!!

Rue to Katniss, seriously crying right now. why do people write such sad and perfect things. :') but so happy cato and clove are married!

Why is this funny?

Remember when Effie told Katniss and Peeta "Chins up! Smiles on!" in Catching Fire? Actually, I think she told them this in both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.