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Marvel Encyclopedia 2014 Edition Book

Timed perfectly with Marvel's Anniversary, DK's bestselling Marvel Encyclopedia is now fully revised, extended, and updated. Bring the Marvel Universe home

Movie Steelbooks - Independence Day Steelbook

Independence Day: Crucible (The Official Prequel)

Fun board games for older kids from Mattel. http://tweenhood.ca/mattel-anytime-is-game-time/

Making Time for Fun with Mattel Board Games - Anytime is Game Time!

our little beehive: Our Toy Rotation Plan - has a great list of categories to help sort through and divide toys for rotating.

Toddler Apps for toddler Toy Rotation Plan - How to rotate your toys to keep them exciting

Forget Crayons :: 11 Best Art Materials for Toddlers

Forget Crayons: 11 Great Art Materials for Toddlers - Artful Parent

Despite being what many parents reach for when buying art materials for toddlers, crayons are not the best for this age. This list includes 11 tried-and-tested toddler favorites. Have you introduced your toddler to art making and art materials yet?

Livro - Starwars: Darth Vader and Son

Star Wars: Darth Vader and Son Book-What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son?

Family Magnets - So much fun!  Grab a photo of a family member and cut out their body.  Use some spray adhesive and attach to a magnet sheet.  Cut out.  Repeat for all family members and friends and you suddenly have a whole cast of characters to play with, name, and create games with.

Spray adhesive, family pictures, and magnet sheet. The Activity Mom: Early Learning - Activities for My 1 Year Old

Excellent Montessori website - contains great ideas for age-appropriate developmental toys by the month!  Awesome resource!

Excellent Montessori website - contains great ideas for age-appropriate developmental toys by the month.

A big list of learning activities for four year olds - love the fact that these ideas use stuff from around the house!

Learning Activities for Four Year Olds

Love this huge list of learning activities for 4 year old's! Alphabet activities, fine motor skills, counting, etc. These would work most 3 and 5 year old's as well.