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Sheesh! All my life unfortunately...! Don't know if it really matters anymore.

Sad but true,trouble is I'm mostly straight forward but people try to find hidden meanings in what I'm saying when there are none

Zodiac Signs - Who is beauty and grace - Wattpad

Zodiac Signs - Who is beauty and grace

Zodiac Signs - Who is beauty and grace - Wattpad

♍️ @virgolover_123

♍️ @virgolover_123

I love Astrology, don't you?  Here's all the signs together at a party...

This would happen but Capricorn would be wandering with Virgo and I (Taurus) would be hanging with Pisces as always.

I'm Director Fury, I'm in charge of all of you, beat that

The Zodiac Book - The signs as avengers: age of ultron characters - Seite 1 - Wattpad Yeahhhh Iron Man!

Fact about Virgo: A #virgo, #virgofact, #zodiac. More info here: https://www.horozo.com/blog/as-a-virgo-you-often-walk-a-thin-line-between-having-a/ Astrology dating site: https://www.horozo.com

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"Virgos can go through a lot of bullshit in life without complaining. sometimes they keep themselves busy so they won't go insane" my love my virgo

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