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Cover for the Battletech Technical Readout prototypes done for Catalyst Game Labs featuring a ultra sporting hunchback in a hangar.

BattleTech Mechs | BattleMech Tech Page illustration

When I was a kid, I loved two robot cartoons: Battletech and Transformers. The idea of giant fighting robots has fascinated me for so long, it became an obsession.

"Battletech" by Kuleshov. Kuleshov is american artist with exceptional drawing skills, which he uses to envision the Battletech universe. He is best at creating mechs, but the environments he create for them are just as good and atmospheric. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and following him on deviantART.

"Battletech" by Kuleshov. Kuleshov is american artist with exceptional drawing…

Just Sunder-ing

Here's a big piece that was commissioned by ~mr-balk. It's been fun do do more than single mech paintings, and I have more coming up. A Kuritan Sunder, 90 ton assault mech of the Ghost Regimen.

how to kill a bird by SpOoKy777 on deviantART

- Mechwarrior Online Fanart - game models used as ref additional buildings by Pawel Czarnecki [link] MWO is free to play and currently in open beta -&gt. how to kill a bird

* Mechwarrior Online Fanart *    ->   mwomercs.com game models used as ref

DeviantArt: More Artists Like Cylon Raider Mk I ortho [update] by unusualsuspex

Marian Hegemony by flyingdebris

Cover for Battletech technical readout 3058 reprint, featuring 2 mechs (Enfield and an Emperor) fighting off clan elementals Done for Catalyst Game labs TRO 3058