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“Genius means that someone can be gifted with one type of cognition while being average or below average in another.”

The Genius of Dogs and How It Expands Our Understanding of Human Intelligence

A Salute To Australia's Animal Military "Camp mascots of No. 1 Camp, Tatura Internment Group, Whacko the sulphur crested cockatoo, and Cobber the dog, "

Overbreeding: This is what constant, strict breeding does to dogs. Don't shop, Adopt.

100 years of selective breeding and the tragic harm to dogs all the crazy breeders have created; apparently appearance trumps the health of the dog. So sad.

Australia took kangaroos as mascots to World War I

Australia took kangaroos as mascots to World War I

Photo taken during the First World War. An Australian nurse at No 1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital about to feed their pet kangaroo Jimony.

War Dogs WWI

The American soldiers' collie mascot, "Bullets," during World War I. (William Henry, March My 2 loves, history and puppies!

J.D.L<---this pic looks just like my baby!

J.D.L<---this pic looks just like my baby!

Lance Corporal Ken Bailey was asked to train up the “paradogs” so they could be used as the “eyes and ears” of the soldiers on the ground. The dogs, which would be given minimal food and water before the jump, were being prepared to parachute into Normandy for D-Day landing and would freeze if they heard a sound

'Paradogs' lured with meat out of aircraft behind enemy lines in WWII