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dont mess with my son facebook quotes | man don t mess with my kid i ve got big underpants and i m not afraid ...

they've had to physically hold me back from pummeling some idiot kid at their school a few times.

So true. The day you were born was the day I felt a love stronger than anything I have ever felt in my life

It says mother and son but I think that it could be daughter and mother. It seems that it's always son and mom and daddy and daughter. Why bot mother and daughter and daddy and son?

don't mess with my kids quotes pictures | Mess with my kid, and don't...

Mess with my kid, and don't be surprised when I break out a whole new level of crazy on you that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place! YEP YOU SLAG - done nothing wrong pppffffttt .

'Arrears' - what deadbeat parents are in. 'Jail ' - where they belong 'Ass Whooping ' -what they need.

Hey Deadbeat Dad, pull up your big boy pants (or borrow a pair), pay her all they money you her (back child support and your share of day care) and everyone moves on. Not rocket science, it's Pretty fucking simple!

This is too true. Be forewarned!

I have three sides. The quiet and sweet side. The fun and crazy side. The side you never want to see.

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Divorced finally and this is exactly how I feel!!

Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you the biggest disappointment of my life. You may now kiss my ass.

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I gave birth to you quotes quote mom mother family quote family quotes mother quotes

Your pathetic, pathological liar ass and your gullible, whore of a wife need to stop messing with my family!

Your pathetic, pathological liar ass and your gullible, whore need to stop messing with my family!

Hold my beer

Funny Family Ecard: 'Mommy, watch this!' is the toddler equivalent of 'Hold my beer.' It usually means something stupid and dangerous is about to take place.