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Anniversary date tattoo - morse code

Morse Code Minimalist Tattoo Send a message by Morse Code It could be something as simple as a single word Faith Hope Love

As tatuagens delicadas da turca Bicem Sinik

As tatuagens delicadas da turca Bicem Sinik

96 Likes, 9 Comments - Amy Tenenbaum ☨ (@amytenenbaum) on Instagram: “Client asked for a charm bracelet :) ✨”

Client asked for a charm bracelet tattoo :) ✨ piece by: Amy Tenenbaum, Carousel Custom Tattoos, Newbury


Bracelet beads cute tattoo on the arm. With initials as beads - symbols can replace the initials to make it your own, a crescent moon, a star, ankh etc

SH- Like this, 4 chain, 1 different for Simon, name or initial on inside wrist maybe? Fishing hook connection on inside?

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Cross tattoos for women are among the most versatile, classic tattoo choices. Learn about the different variations and meanings behind them - plus examples!

Forget flashy bling, these tattoos are the only accessories your hands need

Trade Your Rings for These Adorable Finger Tattoos

Finger Tattoos: Chain Inked This cascading chain tattoo made of delicate dots rivals some of our favorite jewelry. Image via kikisunshineb

Unalome e Flor de Lótus da Tatuagem

Unalome e Flor de Lótus da Tatuagem

Did this charm tattoo the other day, each pendant is for her brother who sadly…

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