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Bucket list

bucket list: see the chicago cubs win a world series

I will do this. No worries.



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Receive flowers from a stranger - Done ! I was walking out of the hospital after visiting a friend and this man, just coming in handed me a bouquet of flowers.

i live/was born in Ecuador and to me as a child Ecudor (intelectually) was something that divided us, although I've come to understand that it's not so much as a line, but more as a region. The question for me is can a region that has been thought to split two sides can become something that unites them. It's actually better to think of it as the middle of the tropics.

Been on the Prime Meridian in Ecuador.now I need to stand on the equator. On the to do list

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I love her personality. I'd love to see Katy Perry perform Firework.