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This is for you, Mary! I will try to figure out how to make you one of your very own!

Youngest son begging for me to make him this! crochet-creeper-by-meekssandygirl

Minecraft Eiffelturm

The Eiffel Tower, Minecraft style. i must admire how long a) it took whoever created this to build it but more importantly b) How long it took the ORIGINAL architect (Gustave Eiffel) to get the real thing built (around 10 years if i remember correctly.

Halo 4 Video Games HD Wallpapers Download - http://wallucky.com/halo-4-video-games-hd-wallpapers-download/

Halo Jungle From Jacob Stamm HD desktop wallpaper : Widescreen Halo 4 Wallpapers HD Wallpapers)


yeppp, Frisky-foo can use some magic now lots of practice over those three years up on the surface. What could those kids be planning? you have no idea how tempted I was to having Frisk use their m.

This design is super simple and is the easiest invisible door that I've ever seen. Unlike designs that use horizontal pistons, the redstone here is completely hidden underground, and the door itself doesn't create an unsightly dip or gap in the wall. Here's what the mechanism looks like: As you can see, the entire 'trick' is just two stacked pistons. But thanks to Steve__OH's clever design, it's extremely compact. In fact, it's only one block wide. Check out th...

How to Make the Simplest Invisible Door Ever in Minecraft

VIII - Strength: Greater Dog, Tarot card

VIII - Strength: Greater Dog, Tarot card

The Complete ChunkWorld - Imgur

The Complete ChunkWorld

2017 ChunkWorld (Redux) - Imgur

2017 ChunkWorld (Redux)