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Good thing Im a smart person who loves and drinks coffee!The medical benefits of being addicted to coffee on alzheimer's disease-- I love infographics I love when infographics make me feel better about my addiction.


Keep Calm


Chocolate is Made from Beans. Coffee is Made from Beans. Beans are Vegetables. Have You had your Veggies today?

Yes! :-) I'm going to keep reminding myself of this today

Four Simple Words to Lead Your Child in Prayer

Listen, Before I had my coffee I didn't know how awesome I was going to be today either.Love this quote.

cafe's hold all the drinks I love coffee, hot chocolate, some even have green tea!      Don't you just love them after a hard day's work?  :)

Let's be specific, coffee is usually a good idea; decaf coffee is always a good idea.

A little Coffee Humor - Chris Cannon

Any questions asked while I am counting out scoops of coffee will be answered with louder counting.

Love my drink hot or cold

Sometimes try % of the time. Coffee don't judge coffee don't complain coffee don't want nothing from me coffee is my best friend coffee only one that understands me Well that's what i just wanted to say 😅

In my dream bedroom, there's a small coffeemaker on my nightstand that I can prep every evening so as to avoid the whole "Have to get up to get coffee...need coffee to get up" issue.

Some mornings it’s best just to fill the sink with coffee, dunk your head in it and suck! Can I get an Amen?